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The Ultimate LJ Baby Shower...

Join in the fun!

The EL JAY Baby Shower Swap!
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Many Thanks to our awesomest friend rainbowswirl for our graphics!

Welcome to showerswap!

This is a community for Moms-to-be. You are welcome to join if you are already a mom and would like to contribute! The ultimate goal of this community is to bring Moms-to-be and moms together for one BIG baby shower! Basically you provide your information and someone else provides theirs and you do a swap on reasonably priced items, used items, or items that are new but that you have no need for(I.E. clothing, toys, and other smaller items. NOT large items like strollers, cribs etc.) You may also use this community to post pictures (who doesn't love to see pictures!?) behind an Lj-cut IF baby related.

If you would like to join please fill out this introductory form for your first post!

Gender of baby (if known):
Nursery decor (if known):
Baby's name (if known):
TYPE of swap you are interested in (New, used, or both):
Price limit or No limit (You may further discuss this with your "swapee"):
Websites, links, registries and other sources containing items you are interested in:
Your preferred source for swapping personal information (name and address) i.e. e-mail, comment, etc.:
Big sister/ Big brother swap?

Please use this form for requesting a new swap whether you are a new member or not.


1. The maintainer of this community is NOT responsible for resolving any conflicts regarding members. This community and it's maintainer(s) are NOT responsible for replacing the price of purchased, damaged or irretreivable merchandise if the swap does not follow through. It is your own personal responsibility to follow up with your "Swapee" as well as it is to retrieve addresses and other personal information as well as giving this information out.

2. Please, no drama. If you cannot resolve a conflict of interest within the community MATURELY, you may be removed without warning.

3. If you have a question/concern/comment that you do not find in the info here, please feel free to e-mail the maintainer at Showerswap@yahoo.com